3 phase adjustable ac load bank features and scope of applic

In many industries, the backup power supply is usually compared to the heart of the power system. The maintenance management departments at all levels should pay attention to the maintenance and testing of the backup power supply from the perspective of ensuring the quality of equipment operation, production safety and property safety. A good backup power system is an important force in disaster response. Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes often damage power lines, and it often takes time to rebuild them. In the face of disaster, power interruption means the interruption of information, the interruption of light, and even the interruption of life. At this point, generator, UPS(uninterruptable power supply), battery and other backup power supply must support the power beam of the emergency system.
1000kw load bank
1000kw load bank
Adjustable 3 phase ac load bank of diesel generating sets/turbine generator set maintenance prominent application in the field of testing and acceptance of work: each kind of generating set as a provider of mains failure after blackout emergency standby power, most of the time the unit is in standby state, once the power outage, requires generating set immediately start power supply, otherwise the spare units will lose its meaning! Practice has proved that strengthening routine maintenance and detection is an effective way to avoid accidents. Many serious failures and accidents are often caused by small maintenance negligence. Only by establishing perfect maintenance procedures and regular and standardized maintenance and testing of the generator sets can we be prepared without any problems and take precautions in advance. The ac dummy load provided by us can accurately detect the output power and load capacity of all kinds of generator sets.
Adjustable 3 phase ac load bank of UPS equipment routine maintenance inspection, acceptance of work in the field of outstanding applications: quality again good UPS also have life, can also occur components ageing, also can appear all kinds of fault, the practice proved to do a good job of daily maintenance detection can effectively reduce the fault occurred, effectively avoid accidents, effectively extending the service life of the equipment; Do not neglect regular inspection because the UPS is highly intelligent, online, and maintenance free. Routine maintenance and inspection is an important guarantee for safe operation of the equipment and the avoidance of faults at any time. Do not know the importance of routine maintenance and inspection until a major safety accident occurs due to a UPS fault. We provide ac load bank to accurately test the output power and load capacity of various UPS equipment.
Test the output power and load capacity of communication AC equipment such as AC voltage regulator, inverter and switching power supply.
According to the3-phase variable resistance load box;3-phase adjustable AC load bank customers request customization (optional AC single-phase, AC3-phase, resistance value fixed or adjustable, resistible load, inductive load, high and low voltage, medium frequency load, no inductive load).