How to choose the right load?

There are many kinds of electronic loads on the market, with varying quality, so how to find the right electronic loads in this complex information?

500kw load bank
1. Consider the size of the power, detect how much power the power of the power supply needs;
2. Choose fixed use or mobility;
3. Select functions of electronic load according to test requirements;
4. Whether the performance of power consuming components is good, whether there will be high temperature and red heat phenomenon during long time operation. Good thermal stability, resistance is not affected by temperature;
5. Choose manual control or intelligent control. At present, most electronic loads are thinking of intelligent control transformation;
6. Constant power or constant resistance, constant resistance load detection results will have a certain error;
7. Whether it has over voltage, over current, under voltage, lack of equal protection function;
8. Check whether the three-phase load is independent. If the three-phase load is balanced, it cannot be applied to the three-phase unbalance test;
9. Whether it is equipped with the display function of electrical quality parameters;
10. With data storage and report generation function;
11. Weight and volume of load.