Main characteristics of dc electronic load performance param

Dc electronic load is widely used to test the performance of dc regulated voltage power supply, battery and other power supplies. It mainly has two working modes, namely constant current and constant voltage, and can be manually switched mode.

1000kw load bank
When the electronic load is in constant current mode, no matter how the voltage changes, the current is constant, the current value can be set; When the electronic load is in constant voltage mode, the voltage is constant and the current varies with the voltage of the dc power supply under test. Excessive current can damage the circuit under test. The power supply under test consists of a bridge rectifier and a capacitor filter with a total capacity of no more than 2200uF, which is used to measure the stability of the response of electronic loads to voltage signals containing pulsating components.
Main characteristics of DC electronic load performance parameters:
1, Full digital operation control;
2, backlit LCD display, display rich information;
3, knob coding switch easy to operate;
4. Multiple electronic loads can be used simultaneously to expand the load capacity;
5, with short circuit test, dynamic test, remote voltage test and other functions;
6, protection function: over voltage, over current, over power, over heat, polarity reverse connection;
7, 10 groups of parameter memory and call, automatically call function after starting;
8, minimum starting voltage, minimum closing voltage, automatic delay closing function;
9, user-friendly multi-level menu setting, simple and intuitive operation;
10, RS232C communication interface, with multi-machine communication function.