What does preventive maintenance of battery testing equipmen

Preventive maintenance can prolong the service life of the device. Then what are the preventive maintenance contents of battery testing equipment?

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Battery detection equipment manufacturers suggest that you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Appearance check: The appearance check first check whether the buttons, switches and connectors of the instrument are loose and misplaced, whether the power cord is aging, whether the heat dissipation and exhaust are normal, and whether the grounding connection is good.
2. Cleaning and maintenance: mainly including the surface of the instrument and the internal electrical part, mechanical part cleaning, including cleaning filter and related pipes, the instrument plug socket cleaning, to prevent poor contact, the necessary mechanical part for lubrication.
3. Replace the wearing parts: the components that have reached the service life and performance decline and do not meet the requirements or the parts that are regularly replaced according to the requirements specified in the operation manual should be replaced in time to prevent the possible expansion of the fault or the failure of the whole machine. Eliminate obvious and potential equipment failures in a timely manner.
4. Function check: Check whether the indicator light and indicator are normal when the device is turned on. Enter the function setting by adjusting and setting each switch and button to check whether the basic function of the device is normal. Through the simulation test, check whether the alarm function of the equipment is normal.
5. Performance test and calibration: test the voltage stabilizer value of each DC power supply, voltage value or waveform of the circuit Chinese medicine test point, and perform necessary calibration and adjustment according to the requirements of the manual to ensure that the technical indicators of the instrument meet the standard.
6. Safety check: check whether the frame is firm, whether the mechanical operation is normal, whether the connection parts are loose, check whether all kinds of leads, plugs, connectors are damaged, grounding wire is reliable, etc.