Advantages and test requirements of automatic tester for ele

Electronic load charger tester, this series of instruments using high-performance ARM processor and full Chinese setting interface, to provide users with a user-friendly operating environment, and has been widely used in many large charger manufacturers, compared with the advantages of the previous generation:

500kw load bank
1. The all-Chinese operation interface makes the operation more convenient and easy to use;
2, electronic load has higher measurement accuracy;
3, the electronic load has a flexible judgment condition setting function, can deal with various types of chargers (three type, constant power type general);
Save and call 30 groups of data. Each time you change the test product, you simply call the data stored internally. Very convenient;
5, standard foot switch start test to improve test efficiency, normal test products only 3-4 seconds;
6, electronic load design beautiful, outstanding level.
Test requirements of electronic load: after the measurement sequence, the following parameters of the charger can be obtained and judged according to the upper and lower limits:
1) Floating charging voltage;
2) lamp current;
3) Maximum protection current;
4) Maximum charging voltage