What factors should be paid attention to when purchasing ele

Electronic load is a control or programmed absorption of electrical energy instrument, in the absorption of variable current will maintain it in a certain voltage value, mainly used to test AC and DC power supply, also suitable for battery testing, solid-state semiconductor high-power components testing, DC motor testing. Do you know what factors you should pay attention to when buying electronic loads?

500kw load bank
Electronic loads have three main modes of operation, namely constant current, constant voltage and constant resistance. In these three operating modes, the electronic load can absorb considerable power. Here are some factors to consider when buying an electronic payload:
1. When applied to production, research and development, and test occasions, independent electronic load is generally used in the preliminary test with fewer test items, and the test system with more test items is generally used in the final test;
2. What are the tested equipment, such as switching power supply, communication power supply, ATX power supply, module power supply, transformer, charger or inverter, etc., the tested equipment determines the specification, test method and project of electronic load;
3. Is the current output type of the measured object AC-DC, DC-DC or DC-AC?
4, whether there is a positive and negative limit between the circuit, when the positive/negative limit of the electronic load, positive output load can only measure the positive polarity channel, can not measure the negative polarity channel, such as ATX power supply "+" and "-" output.