Main features of intelligent AC load bank

Safety: traditional test equipment load adjustment is directly through the air switch or contact switch to start the load, easy to produce arc, easy to cause casualties; And intelligent AC load bank through solid state relay, switch on/off contact-free switch control, power is stepless, and will not produce arc, operators through keyboard input, microcomputer issued instructions, solid state relay contact-free control, testing personnel do not contact any switch, safety reached 100%.

1000kw load bank
1000kw load bank
High intelligence: the current commonly used AC power supply equipment test method, not only need to be equipped with high-power load and special measuring instrument, but also the measurement data according to the formula for manual operation to figure out the required indicators, testing steps complex. False  intelligent ac load integrates the function of all of the above products, not only has the function of the dummy load, and have the function of the various measuring instrument, and the data calculated by single chip microcomputer, can accurately measure the various technical indicators, with the communication load and measuring instrument, data computing triple function, make product performance has reached a high intelligent degree.
High accuracy of test data: traditional equipment test requires a variety of instruments, using manual data collection, manual calculation, easy to produce errors, low accuracy;  intelligent AC dummy load for load, instrument integration, real-time data acquisition, computer automatically generated data, data accuracy can reach 99.99%.
Constant power control precision (power), the traditional test equipment power set is calculated according to the nominal power value resistor rod, the number of different power setting require different resistor rod, once the unit output voltage and the resistance of the nominal voltage, do not tally with the actual power will also be set power, easy to cause test error;  intelligent AC dummy load adopts solid-state relay to control power consumption components, and high-speed power sampling and adjustment module to collect and compare data. According to the load power set by the system, real-time sampling is used to compare the feedback power with the set power to achieve closed-loop control and power correction.
Multi-functional integrated LIQUID crystal display: traditional testing equipment only voltmeter and ammeter, and most of the mechanical meter, the test can only find abnormal voltage and current problems, frequency and neutral line current and other important parameters have no detection function, there are major hidden dangers. False  intelligent ac load USES the large screen LCD screen display, full Chinese menu prompt, testing, display device of three phase voltage being measured, each phase current, active power, reactive power in, each phase the power factor, phase and frequency, neutral line current, total power and three phase line voltage, the data in the test process once beyond the device under test specification, It can be handled in a timely manner.
Using multi-CPU working mode: because the equipment to complete a huge amount of work, the need to collect vast and complex data, and also for computing, control and other work, a CPU can not be completed. For example, the test of ac inverter switching time and other transient performance indicators is to use high-speed sampling to quickly and accurately capture the instantaneous change. Therefore, the device adopts master and slave CPU control mode. The master CPU completes sampling and calculation in a coordinated manner, and the three slave cpus complete three-phase control tasks respectively.
Power consumption element performance is good: the use of columnar pure resistive power consumption element, its advantages are good thermal temperature coefficient, with good consistency, temperature change when the characteristic curve is good, easy to accurate control of power, make the machine work more stable, power factor can reach more than 0.99. Portability: small size, small footprint and easy to transport; Using wheel type, easy to move.
Setting through keyboard: power, working time, various protection and other measurement parameters are input by keyboard, and can be adjusted at any time, each phase power 100% continuous adjustable.