Technical requirements for DC load bank

Technical requirements for DC load bank equipment:
Measure 28VDC load capacity of generator.
1. The total power is required to be 10KW, including 4 2KW (with 1Kw as the control unit) and 2 1Kw. Minimum resolution 1KW. The accuracy is 3%. Pure resistive load.
2. Measure voltage and current and display. Excitation current display.
3. Excitation current is completed by 485 communication mode.

100kw load bank
4. Touch screen display current, voltage, excitation current, and load control, control mode using analog switch with lamp control.
5. Working mode: continuous work;
6. Power supply 220VAC/50HZ;
7. Cooling: forced air cooling.
8. Over voltage, over current, high temperature, short circuit protection function.
9 resistance to high temperature and high pressure. Small temperature drift.
10. The size of the resistance box should meet the above technical requirements. Compact, light, easy to move, etc.
11. Load is connected with positive and negative terminals.
12. Reference diagram of touch screen interface layout is as follows