Performance characteristics of charging pile load bank

Automobile charging pile is generally set with public buildings, residential area parking lot, public parking lot, etc. As the outdoor charging system of electric vehicles and electric vehicles, charging pile is also set with different levels of voltage, so as to be more convenient for different types of electric vehicles and electric vehicles to charge.

500kw Intelligent AC load bank
500kw load bank
Charging pile load bank is used for the detection and maintenance of charging pile. The following are its classification, test functions and performance characteristics:
1. Classification: According to the access load voltage, it can be divided into three types: three-phase, single-phase and three-phase four-wire system.
2. Test function: The charging pile load bank can be used to test various types of charging piles, detect the actual output power of charging piles, and can also be used for factory inspection, engineering acceptance, electrical test and routine maintenance of automobile charging equipment.
3. Performance characteristics:
Charging piles include DC charging piles and AC charging piles, but currently three-phase four-wire AC charging piles are mainly used, so charging piles are mainly three-phase four-wire access loads. Charging pile test equipment can be used for factory inspection, daily inspection and maintenance of charging piles. The test is very accurate and easy to use.