Intelligent capacitive load is required for high-power DC po

In the dc power supply as the output circuit, usually series filter capacitor, filter out the AC component of the current, so that the DC electricity is smoother and cleaner. In the switching moment of the power supply, there will be a very large, nearly short-circuit current impact, which is a test of the load capacity of the dc output source components. In order to verify the performance of the capacitor, a load test is required.
500kw load bank
500kw load bank
If the output source is tested directly with a common capacitor, there are two significant problems:
One is that the instantaneous current is too large, it may break down the capacitor without protection, resulting in loss;
Second, the load characteristic of capacitor is single, and the load change process of stable output after current mutation can not be simulated in actual work.
To solve these problems, it is necessary to use dc intelligent simulation load, through the pre-programmed load characteristic curve to test the power supply. Most of the current analog DC load bank on the market lack variation in load characteristics and are close to pure resistive circuits. The high-power DC intelligent analog load developed and produced has capacitive characteristics, which can simulate the real working condition of DC power supply when the filter capacitor is connected and test the power supply performance. Dc load can pass instantaneous current up to 2000A, enough to withstand the shock of sudden current change when power switch.
The protection function of high power DC intelligent analog load is complete. In order to ensure that the power supply and load will not be damaged due to excessive current, the analog load has automatic shutdown insurance over current. In addition, when the load is continuously tested, and the ambient temperature is too high to lead to heat accumulation, it will automatically stop the protection when the temperature is too high.
High-power DC power supply for automatic simulation test, do not need manpower to adjust the load, save time and effort and will not make mistakes.