Adjustable regulated DC power supply in the design of matter

Adjustable regulated DC power supply can provide stable DC power for equipment, which is extremely important in power supply technology. So what matters should be paid attention to when designing adjustable regulated DC power supply?

100kw load bank

1. Selection of filter capacitor. On the premise of meeting the volume requirements, a larger electrolytic capacitor is selected for filtering as far as possible. In addition, the capacitor must withstand no less than the maximum voltage at both ends.
2. In the pre-regulated circuit, in order to reduce the power requirements of current limiting resistor R1, the transistor Q2 is used to provide the current path.
3. When the triode is used in the circuit, it is necessary to debug the working point of the triode, which will determine the working state of the triode and the load capacity of the DC power supply.
4. Select the power transformer. In order to reduce the volume and weight of the transformer and facilitate the fixation on the circuit board, the high-frequency power transformer with small volume and light weight should be selected.
5. When designing the circuit of DC power supply, it is necessary to correctly calculate the component parameters and rationally select the component model.
If in the design process of DC power supply can fully integrate simulation software, verify the working principle of the circuit, find the problems in the circuit in time, can greatly shorten the design cycle, reduce the design cost.