Analyze the working principle of high frequency DC power sup

High-frequency DC power supplies, as the name suggests, are products that provide direct current power for electronic devices. Currently dc power is mainly used in power plants and substations to provide power for control loads, power loads and DC accident lighting loads.

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High-frequency DC power supply consists of charging module, step-down silicon chain, DC feed, distribution monitoring, monitoring module and insulation monitoring, etc. It is widely used in small and medium-sized power plants, hydropower stations, substation and other fields, and dc power supply can also be seen in instruments, relay protection, fault lighting and other occasions.
High frequency DC power supply is a new type of digital control, protection, management, measurement OF THE DC system, with a highly integrated mainframe, using a single board structure, with insulation detection, voltage regulator, battery detection, grounding line selection and other functions. The main power supply is equipped with LCD, real-time display of running status and parameters, easy to understand the operation, in line with people's use habits.
Generally, dc power supplies are configured with remote detection and control functions, including remote control, remote adjustment, remote measurement, and remote communication. Through the remote communication interface, the running parameters of the remote DC power supply system can be obtained, and the running status and fixed value can be set and modified through the interface, so as to meet the requirements of people.