What are the main characteristics of the generator load bank

Generator load bank test cases can be accurate test of generator output power and load capacity, the main test for all electric generating set parameters, by generator auxiliary measurement and control instrument, generator special measuring instrument, controller and load tank of four parts, and computer, can generate all kinds of curve and test report.

1000kw load bank
1000kw load bank
The main characteristics of the generator load bank are:
1. Can measure the generator steady three-phase voltage, current, frequency, operation time and other basic functions.
2. With harmonic analysis function, can simultaneously analyze voltage, current 2 ~ 50 harmonic content and total harmonic content; Power accumulative function.
3. With powerful voltage recording function, and equipped with photoelectric isolation RS485/RS232 serial port communication function, the serial port function is powerful.
4. It can not only measure all steady-state parameters, but also test the curve of sudden addition, sudden discharge, voltage, current, frequency, and voltage, current harmonic curve and harmonic content.
5. Load control function, can complete the load sudden add, sudden discharge function.
6. Optimize the segmented power input mode for convenient setting.
7. You can manually control loading and unloading on the remote panel.