How much difference and main characteristics of three-phase

Three-phase frequency conversion power supply adopts FPGA digital control, instantaneous waveform control and high frequency pulse width modulation (SPWM) technology, using active component IGBT module design, so that the capacity of a single unit is up to 240KVA, in order to isolate the input and output of the transformer, improve the stability of the equipment, improve the reliability of load test and service life test. So do you know the main characteristics of three-phase frequency conversion power supply?

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Three-phase frequency conversion power supply refers to the output 380V through ac-DC-AC transformation of the double inverter power supply, which is different from the frequency conversion controller used for motor speed regulation and ordinary AC regulated power supply. The main function of the three-phase frequency conversion power supply is to convert the current of the existing AC network into the sine wave power supply with the required frequency stability and purity. In the ideal state, the AC power supply has the characteristics of stable frequency, stable voltage, zero internal resistance and pure sine wave voltage waveform (no distortion), and the frequency conversion power supply is very similar to the ac power supply in the ideal state.
Three-phase frequency conversion power supply has no special requirements for general load types, and can be applied to resistive, inductive, capacitive and other loads. However, considering the power grid voltage fluctuation, load current peak coefficient, short-term overload and other factors, the appropriate power frequency margin should be selected. Three-phase frequency conversion power supply with large overload capacity, instantaneous current can withstand 3 times the rated current; No radiation interference, contains small harmonic components, after special treatment, no interference, sine wave output stability. The frequency conversion power supply also has the characteristics of large power capacity, frequency (Hz), small size, light weight, high efficiency, mute, high reliability.