The adjustable DC power supply has seven important component

A tunable DC power supply is a device that generates a constant current in a circuit. It has two electrodes, a positive electrode and a negative electrode, and the current flows from the positive to the negative. Next, seven important components of adjustable DC power supply are introduced in detail, as follows:

100KW load bank
1. Rectifier module system: the main function of the rectifier module is to convert ac to DC, depending on the size of the current. It can be used in parallel, with perfect protection functions, input overvoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, output current limiting protection and output short circuit protection.
2. Monitoring system: it is the core of monitoring and management of the whole adjustable DC power supply. It can monitor all parts of the power supply and the battery, and detect the current data parameters at the same time to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment.
3, insulation detection unit: its main role is to carry out real-time detection of floor drain resistance, the value can be set according to demand, exceeding the value will alarm.
4. Battery patrol unit: its main function is to patrol the battery voltage, which can detect the voltage of each battery. If the battery voltage is too low or too high, an alarm will be issued.
5. Switching quantity detection unit: switch for online detection and output device of alarm dry node. If trip or malfunction occurs during use, the detection unit will give an alarm.
6, buck unit: buck regulator unit, when the bus voltage changes, buck unit will automatically adjust to ensure the output voltage stability, buck unit is also set by the output current size. There are two kinds of step-down units, one is step-down silicon chain and the other is step-down chopper.
7, power distribution unit: power distribution unit mainly realizes AC input, DC output, voltage display and current display.