The principle of DC electronic load is introduced in detail

Dc electronic load is mainly used for on-line high-power UPS, inverter, switching power supply and diesel generator set performance test, aging and other occasions, used in power, shipping, telecommunications and other departments and manufacturers. Unified segmented power input, energy consumption mode, forced air cooling heat dissipation, greatly ensure the reliability of constant power discharge; Dc electronic load internal heat dissipation element adopts dry resistance forced air cooling heat dissipation, with high power density, no red heat phenomenon, automatic overheating protection function, in the case of fan does not turn, no overheating, burning loss, long equipment safety life.



100KW load bank
Dc electronic load machine adopts modular design, simple operation, convenient maintenance; Test voltage, current and other parameters according to customer requirements, to provide scientific testing means for high-power AC power equipment. Main functions can be simplified according to performance parameters and detection requirements.
Dc electronic load relative to distribution control cabinet. Usually, a busbar distribution cabinet is required for power supply and distribution. Divide the PDC into multiple power distribution lines and deploy them in different locations or regions. You can deploy them in one or more independent POWER distribution cabinets. General DC electronic load only busbar, distribution, electricity meter, switch, current transformer and so on. The distribution control cabinet has switches, various power protection devices and monitoring systems.