Application of programmable high power DC electronic load in

With the development of electronic market, DC electronic load is widely used in LED driver, power module test, charger production, UPS production and other fields, has become an essential test equipment in these fields, it is also suitable for testing A/D power supply, D/D converter, charger, battery, adapter and some power electronic components.

100KW load bank

As a test equipment widely used in electronic manufacturing, electronic load can be illustrated by examples, such as the application of solar module hot spot test, electronic load is often used for component hot spot test.

For example, the temperature difference between a hot component and a battery in an outdoor test. The naked component is placed outdoors, and the I-V characteristics and current input of the maximum power point are tested under a radiation source of not less than 700W·㎡, so that the component is in a stable state, and the irradiance is not less than 700W·㎡. The infrared thermal imager is used to determine the hottest battery piece and record its temperature. The irradiance varies with the electron load by no more than 5% at the same irradiance.

In addition, Skonda's DC electronic loads provide engineers with fast and efficient test solutions for design and development, line testing and product inspection to ensure quality. It allows the user to select different load power modules into the system main box, controlled through the front control panel keyboard, RS-232, USB and GPIB standard interface.
Skonda's high power DC electronic loads are specially designed for test simulation of high power switching power supplies, power units and electronic components. With parallel and synchronous execution, this series of machines is ideal for high power communication power supply (SMR) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).