Brief introduction to the working principle and function of

1. the basic working principle of electronic load
Electronic load is a "load" function implemented by electronic devices whose output ports conform to Ohm's law. In fact, the electronic load is a kind of device that allows the power tube to dissipate power and consume electricity by controlling the conduction of the internal power device MOSFET or transistor. It has a variety of working modes, including constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, constant power and other working modes.

500kw load bank
2. the function of electronic load
1, working mode: including constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, constant power, dynamic load, short circuit test and other working modes, high measurement accuracy.
2, strong load capacity, input 1V can reach the maximum load current.
3, with voltage, current, power upper and lower limit intelligent identification function, and has the function of overlimit alarm.
4, 5 kinds of standard and special dynamic carrier data are stored in the load for users to call, any dynamic carrier download function can be programmed.
5, remote voltage detection V sensing BNC input interface, can carry out accurate voltage detection, eliminate the voltage measurement error caused by pin voltage drop in high current.
6, with comprehensive protection functions, such as over voltage, over current, over power, over temperature, overheating and other protection functions; In the process of protection, automatic loading and alarm.
7, can use multiple loads in parallel through connectors, and has synchronous load characteristics.
8, built-in voice prompt function, users can turn on/off voice prompt function.