Dc electronic load main characteristics and function realiza

Dc electronic load is a kind of equipment that absorbs DC electric energy and dissipates, stores or feeds back to the power grid. It can adjust or set the size of the absorbed current. The port conforms to Ohm's law.

100kW load bank
Dc electronic load mainly through the simulation of physical load and load waveform, to achieve the specification characteristics test of power supply, can also be used as the component unit of ATE or ATS system, but also to test the service life and parameter characteristics of charger, battery and other devices.
Main characteristics of DC electronic loads:
1. Digital operation control;
2, equipped with backlit LCD display, display rich information;
3, knob coding switch, more convenient operation;
4. Multiple electronic loads can be used simultaneously to expand the load capacity;
5, with short circuit test, dynamic test and other functions, but also support remote voltage measurement;
6, with perfect protection function, such as over voltage, over current, over power, overheating, polarity reverse connection and other protection functions;
7, 10 groups of parameter memory and call, automatically call function after starting;
8, user-friendly multi-level menu setting, simple and intuitive operation;