Adverse effects of DC power on electronic loads

In daily life, there are only two kinds of power supply, namely DC power supply and AC power supply. The DC power supply can keep the voltage of the circuit stable. How much do you know about the electronic load effect of DC power supply?

500kw load bank
First, the basic principle of dc power supply electronic load effect
The power output is stable. When the DC power supply is in constant voltage state, the output voltage changes with the input voltage. In a constant current state, the output current changes as the input current changes. So, the load effect can be used to measure this change.
If a resistive load is connected to the output of the power supply, the output voltage of the DC power supply will drop. Changes in the output voltage are load effects and will be adjusted according to the power supply to be connected. There are two kinds of load effects of DC power supply. One is that the connection or even the whole device may change, and the other is that a new whole is formed that retains the characteristics of the original device, but this function cannot be expressed in the serial-parallel expression of the source device.
How to reduce the impact of load effect?
1, the high input, low output amplifier in the first position of the connection, can reduce the absorption of energy, withstand voltage changes, reduce the impact of the load.
2. Increase the output impedance of subsequent links.
3. According to the basic principle of feedback or zero-point measurement, the subsequent links do not absorb any energy.