The introduction of high power constant current source

High power constant current source is a kind of wide spectrum, high precision, low harmonic distortion of the constant current source, mainly used for testing the thermal relay, molded case circuit breaker, small short circuit breaker and you need to set up the rated current, current, short circuit protection, current, and other fields, can be applied to low resistance load, especially electrical appliances inspection and test.

load bank
High power transistor constant current source, widely used in public resistance of differential amplifier emitter, or as an active load amplifying circuit, or used as bias current, and also can be used as the charge and discharge current pulse generating circuit, due to the transistor parameters affected by temperature change, therefore should take the measures of temperature compensation and voltage regulation.
The equivalent resistance of FET constant current source and transistor constant current source is relatively small, but with the addition of current negative feedback resistance, the FET constant current source will achieve better results. No auxiliary power supply is required, a pure two-end network, which is useful and can be used to replace any ohmic resistor.
Since the temperature parameters of the integrated op-amp are not obviously affected by the parameters of the transistor or FET, the integrated OP-AMP constant-current source has better stability and higher constant-current performance, especially when the load side is to the ground. The constant current source circuit can realize bipolar control and differential control, which greatly enhances its flexibility.