There are three common dimensions of electronic loads

There are three common dimensions of electronic loads
1. Desktop electronic load
Designed for use in laboratory environments, these products are low cost, have basic features and can be set through the front panel. Have GPIB or RS232 interface, support remote programming.

500KW load bank
2. System electronic load
Generally built into rack systems, mainly for automatic test systems (ATE). ATE is integrated in high-throughput, high-power (over 5 kW) manufacturing environments to test multiple devices simultaneously.
3, modular electronic load
It usually consists of a mainframe and a computing processor -- a modular electronic load and a power unit working together on the same mainframe. Different modules can be flexibly adjusted according to application requirements. Modular electronic loads are usually equipped with a large display to view the basic analysis through a trend chart.
An electronic load is an instrument that consumes power current in quadrants 2 and 4 of the coordinate system. Applications include power electronics and energy markets. Advanced electronic loads can simulate complex and dynamic practical load changes with stable and reliable inputs. It has CC, CV, CP, CR four common working mode, according to the application requirements of different types of electronic load.