Application analysis of high voltage DC power supply

High voltage power supply generally refers to the output voltage of more than 5000 volts of power supply, voltage up to tens of thousands of volts, even up to hundreds of thousands of volts above. We usually say that the high voltage power supply, generally refers to high voltage DC power supply, DC power supply has linear regulation high voltage power supply and switch regulation high voltage power supply two kinds.

500KW load bank
HVDC power supply technology has two main development directions, one is to improve the power supply, that is, high voltage, high current; The second is to reduce the volume of the power supply, namely high voltage, small volume, reducing the volume of the power supply is mainly to improve the switching frequency of the power supply. High power supply volume is generally large, small power supply volume, its power and current will be relatively small. The development direction of HVDC power supply is also high conversion efficiency, high load, high precision and low ripple.
HVDC power supply has been widely used in medical, station, customs inspection and other testing equipment, also widely used in radar transmitter, electronic aviation chart display and other military fields. The traditional high voltage power supply has a large volume and heavy weight, which seriously affects the development of supporting equipment. The current HVDC power supply is mostly in the form of switching power supply, which greatly reduces the volume and weight, increases the power and improves the efficiency. In particular, the switching power supply with high voltage and low power is almost the switching power supply structure.