The selection of electronic load should pay attention to sev

The selection of electronic load should pay attention to several key points
1. Select voltage, current, power, accuracy and resolution according to the actual test source (power supply, battery, charging pile) demand.

500KW load bank
2, electronic load generally has 3-6 kinds of programming mode, the basic function is constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance and constant power, according to the test source to choose the corresponding electronic load function.
3. Dynamic loading. The change slope refers to the change rate from 10% to 90% as the electronic load changes, and the unit A/mS changes to CC state A/uS. Response time refers to the minimum time to change the electronic load. The dynamic (transient) frequency consists of one rising edge or one falling edge, or changes only per unit time, including the transient frequency (period of rising edge + falling edge).
4, sequence function, through the time sequence combination of steady state Settings for testing, simplifying the tedious Settings, reduce the test work.
5, analog load (external programming input), with more complex functions, simulation of trapezoidal wave change of the load function, greatly expanded the scope of electronic load. The signal generator can produce a voltage of less than 10V. Can simulate waveform signal and electronic load.
6, protection function, this function is mainly customized according to the actual needs of users.