The load bank performance and scope of application

Life, production used in the power supply has the types, such as high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage of high voltage power transmission and distribution has a small economy, long-distance transmission loss, the advantages of high voltage generator is used more, corresponding to test the high voltage power supply, equipment, also have the high voltage load bank, below as an introduction to the performance of the load cases and use range.

500kw load bank
First, the performance characteristics of the load bank are introduced:
1. Can be remote control, safe use, and the load bank can not through the transformer transfer can be connected to medium voltage, high voltage, medium high voltage power supply load test, easy to use.
2. Medium and high pressure load bank also has a good real-time data display function, can be automatically stored, but also can print data.
3. The load bank has high measurement precision, high efficiency, high operation stability, with anti-rain dripping protective measures, high protection grade, safe and reliable use.
Then, it introduces the range of use of the high pressure load bank. The high pressure load bank can be used in ships, aerospace, telecommunications, petroleum, ocean engineering, etc., the application is very wide.