Considerations when purchasing a load bank

When we buy things, no matter which product, there are different types of models and different functions. Therefore, the load bank is no exception; In the process of purchasing, we should pay attention to the following several aspects of the problem.
500kw load bank
500kw load bank

1. Environmental requirements: temperature is not high, humidity is not high, corrosive is not strong, which is conducive to the use of the load bank, and extend the service life of the load bank.
2. Functional requirements: such as steady state measurement, harmonic analysis, automatic output of data tables, etc., according to their own needs to select their own needs of functional equipment and machine.
3. Performance requirements: the performance of the machine is very important, in the process of purchase should be careful, need to choose according to the use of performance, such as, wiring mode, frequency, power factor, step value and so on.
4. Control mode: to choose the load bank is local, remote, or intelligent control, control distance is how much and so on.