Performance characteristics of ac electronic loads

Ac electronic load is mainly used for performance test, maintenance and aging of generator set in shipyard, communication, electric power and other departments and manufacturers. Its power consumption element is a new type of power consumption element produced by alloy material, with external heat insulation heat sink resistance, good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, good heat dissipation, high insulation, safe and reliable.

500KW load bank

In order to ensure the safe operation of the machine, our equipment adopts the external bypass power supply, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of ac electronic load. High precision resistance test, three-phase current balance, no red heat phenomenon, independent air cooling system, to ensure the whole system of heat dissipation and service life. The new high-power AC electronic load also has the following functions:
1, shutdown protection function: the traditional test equipment is started by air switch or contact switch load, and there is no corresponding protection function, once the unit output abnormal, because the test equipment does not have the corresponding protection, will have a great impact on the unit; Ac electronic load is equipped with intelligent control system, which can be set for phase loss and over voltage protection. Once the parameters tested by the equipment exceed the set parameters, the equipment will alarm and have automatic shutdown protection.
2, intelligent control and data processing functions:
(1) Automatic testing is achieved by setting the parameters of the test equipment;
(2) Online monitoring of electrical parameters of the tested equipment;