Use and scope of application of DC electronic load

Performance characteristics of DC electronic load:
1, support remote control, high security; Electronic load can be connected to medium voltage, high voltage, medium high voltage power supply for load testing, no transformer transfer, easy to use.

100KW load bank
2, high measurement accuracy, high efficiency, stable operation, rain proof measures, high protection grade, high reliability.
3, In the test process can be real-time display data, automatic saving, equipped with printing function.
Dc electronic load can be used in ships, aerospace, telecommunications, oil, ocean engineering, it is widely used. Electronic load is a controlled electrical test load device that can be customized to the needs of each user. Usually used to test generator set load and UPS power battery parameters.
sent, DC electronic load is still a high-end electrical equipment in China. Although there is a great demand for applications in the market, cash flow is limited due to limited funds. One of the main reasons for its high cost is backward technology. A few years ago, most of our country's enterprises still use the traditional way of packing. Comparatively speaking, the foreign load has adopted the new technology, it cancels the traditional transformer load link, it can run directly on the bus. This kind of load simplifies the structure of the equipment, improves the reliability of the system, and greatly reduces the cost of the equipment, so that the DC electronic load is no longer the unaffordable power test equipment in China.