Performance characteristics of three-phase AC electronic loa

Three-phase AC electronic load as a common power supply testing equipment, what are its performance characteristics?

500KW load bank
Characteristics of three-phase AC electronic load:
1, the whole machine adopts modular winding, the load part and the control part are completely isolated, with easy operation, low noise, no pollution and other characteristics;
2, the cooling mode of electronic load adopts forced cooling;
3, AC/DC share the main loop, so that the whole machine can detect AC or DC two kinds of power load, wide application fields.
Performance parameters of three-phase AC electronic load:
1, model 60kVA 130kVA;
2, ambient temperature OC ~ + 359C;
3, access voltage three-phase 380V or DC 400V;
4, AC maximum 100A/ phase (ambient temperature 20C), DC maximum 100A(ambient temperature 20C).