The function characteristic and technical index of DC electr

Dc electronic load is an indispensable equipment used by power supply manufacturers to test the quality of power supply. The functions and technical characteristics of DC electronic load are as follows.

500kW load bank

First. Functions and characteristics of DC electronic load
1, can measure all kinds of power supply current, loss, voltage, short circuit loss.
2, voltage loop width limit: the maximum measuring voltage is 750V, no need to shift to ensure the measurement accuracy. Wrong selection of voltage range will not cause damage to the instrument itself.
3, large screen, high brightness LCD display, Chinese menu and operation tips, to achieve friendly man-machine dialogue, simple operation.
4, with real-time printing test data function, real-time display load voltage, current, power and other parameters, the measurement accuracy is 0.2.
Second,Technical specifications of DC electronic load
1, input characteristics: voltage measurement range of 0~750V, current measurement range of 0~100A, with automatic switching range function.
2, accuracy: voltage and current is ±0.2%, power is ±0.2% (COS φ > 0.1), ±0.5% (0.02<cos φ="" <="" 0.1).
3, working environment temperature: -10C~ +40℃.