Analysis of two functions of AC/DC electronic load

Ac and DC electronic load has data measurement function, not only can detect conventional current, voltage, power and other parameters, but also can provide unique voltage harmonic analysis function, in order to verify the uninterruptable power supply UPS, generators and other equipment on the power grid harmonic interference, with up to 50 times of voltage harmonic analysis function.

500KW load bank
1. parallel/three-phase control
The electronic load supports the use of multiple machines in parallel and has the functions of three phase and parallel phase to meet the test application requirements of three phase AC power supply or high power power supply. In three-phase parallel application, users can realize Y and δ connection mode according to actual needs. In some tests, if the output current of the object under test is large, it is necessary to use an electronic load in parallel. Ac/DC electronic loads can be paralleled for higher current input. At the same time, programmable AC/DC electronic load can be connected to three phase, but also has three phase parallel function, can achieve three phase AC power supply or higher power supply test applications. In the application of three-phase parallel connection, users can realize Y and δ connection mode according to the actual needs, for free and flexible collocation.
2.Waveform display function
The electronic load has the function of oscillographic display, which can display the input voltage and current waveform of the measured object. In harmonic measurement mode, the percentage analysis result of each harmonic can be displayed in BAR form. Diversified display methods open up a new user experience.